What to expect

What's it like on Sunday morning at THE RISING?

First, we don't think there's one "right way" to do church. We think traditonal churches, modern churches, denominational churches and non-denominational churches all have their place in God's plan to bless the world! That being said, these are the distinctives of THE RISING:

* Dress is casual (wear what you want)

* Sunday's adult service is high-energy & loud - like a rock concert (earplugs available)

* The service lasts about 70 minutes

* Kids from birth through junior high have their own services on Sundays

* We operate a full specialty coffee shop (we don't charge - donations only)

* Our atmosphere is "low key" with many places to sit and chill out

* We don't "pass the plate" - we use collection boxes throughout the building

* We understand life change to be a process, so we accept people where they are in their spiritual journey

* Our pastor's sermons are application oriented, Bible-centered, and positive in tone

* We focus on what unites us (i.e. our love for God), not what divides us (i.e. differing political opinions)

* Several hundred people attend, so as a newcomer, you don't have to worry about "sticking out"